Visitors rules

ASTUR falconry is located in the territory of Red Stone Castle. On the Falcon yard is the largest collection of birds of prey in Slovakia, which are protected by law, and also other live animals moving on the Falcon yard and rare plants and trees also protected by law, which grow on the territory of  Red Stone Castle – ASTUR falconry. Red Stone Castle (UNESCO) is administered by the Slovak National Museum.

Visitors are obliged to behave in such a way as to avoid damage or death of plants and animals or damage to and destruction of their environment, including the pollution complex garbage. It is prohibited for health reasons animals - our birds of prey (proprietary) and others wild animals to feed and touch them!

 Is forbidden to enter the birds of prey and cross rails, damage, destroy, pull, plants and trees, disturb raptors and other wild animals moving on the Falcon yard, especially their kill, injure, capture, transfer, destroying and damaging their shelters and settlements. It is prohibited to damage and destroy plants and their indications and designations of birds of prey or bulletin board with photographs.

Into the whole area Red Stone Castle, as well as to the grounds Falcon yard Astur admitted with a dog leash / Prohibition of free movement of dogs /. During the flight demonstrations of birds of prey dog ​​must leave the area air samples, because for some birds is the presence of a dog stressful.

Entrance to the Falcon yard ASTUR may be denied or leave the premises may be ordered person undergoing disturbing or could disrupt order and safety of animals / birds of prey, freely moving animals at the Falcon yard, respectively. their behavior is contrary to the social norms of behavior.

There should not make unnecessary noise, chase and drag our freely moving animals.

In the Falcon yard is strictly forbidden to smoke. Violation of this prohibition may have serious consequences for the health of our animals or safety grounds.

Children must be on the field during games under the supervision of their parents or a responsible adult accompanying persons. Operator Falcon yard ASTUR is not responsible for damages, injuries or accidents resulting from carelessness or failure to comply with rules and regulations and also guidelines hawkers Astur.