Sokoliarsky dvor a mini zoo ASTUR, Hrad Červený Kameň

ASTUR / Old Latin Hawk / falconry - established in 1998, ASTUR is a family falconry and  collection of birds of prey in the Slovak republic - over 30 birds of prey ranging from some of the smallest owls to the largest eagles. We also have rabbits, ravens, pheasants, pigeons, magpie. In our Educational Park you can see Ginko tree, Sequoia /150 years old/, Yew-tree, Horse chestnut, Lime-tree / 400 years old /  and the other majestic trees. ASTUR is situated cca 35 km from Bratislava in wonderful environs of the Little Carpathians in the land register of the Častá village, the Pezinok district. Its site is directly in one of the most beautiful castle of Slovakia – Red Stone Castle (UNESCO) which belongs to the National Historic Landmark of Slovakia and frequently visited tourist attractions too. Whole environ is famous for its viniculture and ceramics. The visit of the ASTUR  falconry will give you remarkable experiences and immediate contact with birds of prey inclusive showing of their flying skills. The mobile group can perform flying show of raptors out of the Red Stone castle too. Also we offer other activities such as Gift vouchers / falconry courses for children and adults, weddings, photography, visit schools, historic swordplay show, historic dancing and costume show, wine degustation etc. It is possible to arrange parties and firm programme with knight plays and other attractions here too.  ASTUR falconry and Educational park is suitable for all ages and abilities. Welcome !

De Arte Venandi cum Avibus (Latin)     "The Art of Hunting with Birds "