Falconry for children – Education

ASTUR falconry and Educational park

Established in 1998, ASTUR is a family falconry and the largest collection of birds of prey in the Slovak republic. We specialise in education, conversation, protection and we have an excellent Bird of Prey collection - over 80 birds of prey ranging from the smallest owls to the largest eagles. We also have rabbits, ravens, pheasants, pigeons, magpie. In our Educational park you can see Ginko tree, Sequoia / over 150 years/, Yew-tree. Horse chestnut, Lime-trees / over 400 years old/ and the other majestic trees. 

If your school is unable to come to us, ASTUR /mobile team/ can bring a selection of birds out to your school for presentation. Our team has educated 1000´s of children about importance of animals and the conservation of them. ASTUR falconry and Educational park is suitable for all ages and abilities. Please contact us for details and costs astur@astur.sk

As part of our ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION, we offer you:

► "FALCONRY CAMP". Founded in 2004.

For children aged 7 to 15 years . In the summer months July-August. 

FALCON hobby group

Thuesday 3pm-5pm / or during weekends 

Please contact us for details and costs :    asturcamps@gmail.com